SPEX CertiPrep

Scope: As a family owned business that had been in business for over 60 years, the business divisions for SPEX were overlapping and not clear enough to produce a usable website. TightWire consulted on making those divisions usable for the site and consequently the business was eventually reorganized to reflect the business division guidelines used for the the site.  .NET programming was used to compile the extremely large database of products, services and knowledge base articles. There is a U. S. based site and a European site set up to reflect the product, pricing and shipping differences between the two. The eCommerce segment of the site was programmed by TightWire to allow for special international laws and standards regarding shipping and handling of hazardous chemicals. TightWire hosted the site and extensive database and handled all email for the company.

Description: SPEX CertiPrep is a large, international, company that supplies ultra pure grade chemicals to laboratories doing chemical analysis. This was the first web presence for the company.