Nature's Strongholds

Scope:  .NET database programming was used by TightWire to re-purpose 650 pages and 500 photographs of a published book to create a very robust site. The navigation includes all countries in the world with a map for each showing the refuges in each country and a description for each refuge. The site is updated for external links so that information remains current. Due to the depth of the content involved in the site, the home page rotates between a random sampling of the photographs and descriptions to draw user into the site. TightWire was responsible for initial site design and architecture. Also responsible for search engine submissions, maintenance, tracking and reporting and hosting of the site and extremely large database.

Description: Wildlife naturalists and authors of Nature's Strongholds book came to TightWire to publish the Nature's Strongholds Foundation site after working with us to launch a site for their first book Guide to the National Wildlife Refuges a few years before. The book is an exhaustive resource for wildlife preserves throughout the world. The site is programmed to be fully searchable.

This site has since been updated by TightWire and resides at