Scope: Beginning in 1996 TightWire has been involved in projects for both the AT&T Public Consumer sites and internal business division sites. TightWire implemented the first four business division site designs and worked with and internal team to redesign the second iteration of the public sites a few years later. All projects for AT&T involve concept design and most  also involved project management and coding. 


AT&T Public SitesAT&T Consumer (,, AT&T Business, AT&T Local and Int. Business,  AT&T Prepaidcard Card, AT&T Labs [1996 & 1999]    

AT&T Intranet SitesAT&T iAdvantage Training, AT&T Alliance, TIDD org site, NADD site 


AT&T Worldnet

Scope: Responsible for a partial design refresh of the portal page and full design of second tier pages. Architecture documentation for a system to allow the in-house code team to create third and fourth tier pages. This was a challenging project because timing considerations made a process that had simultaneous design and programming paths.

Description: Worldnet is a heavily used portal for members of  the AT&T Online community. The architecture allows each member to customize which, of the dynamic information and placement, they want to see on their portal page, at any given time.

AT&T IP Services

Scope: Responsible for Concept Design and Architecture of a site refresh. Emphasis was put on a handicap accessible consumer user interface.

Description: This site was to be moved from an intranet position to being linked directly off the site, but suffered from a confusing, overly technical interface and architecture. The interface was streamlines without sacrificing too much of the content.

AT&T Worldnet 50plus -- Portal

Scope: TightWire was responsible for submitting three design and architecture concepts,  with the chosen design system to be fleshed out and implemented.

Description: A new portal site for Worldnet to facilitate the use of a set of tools developed for members over 50.